You’re a creative business owner

As a creative business owner you have a lot of titles: CEO/Owner, Designer/Creative Director, Advertising Manager, Photographer, Bookkeeper, Secretary and Mail Room Clerk. During the week, along with running your business, you are creating product for a show you have comming up.

Entrepreneurs don’t think the same way everyone else does. They see the world differently and think outside the box. You have a passion for what you are creating and aren’t afraid to work hard to achieve your goals. Your motivation and drive comes from within and you don’t rely on a boss to push you toward your goals.

I understand you and your business because I am a creative business owner just like you!

Hi, I’m Lisa Cavanas

We have something in common, I am an entrepreneur just like you. I have 29 years experience running my own businesses and 15 years of ecommerce experience. How did I get all that? Let me tell you….

I started my entrepreneur journey in 1989, wow that’s 29 years ago! At that time I was painting wooden items and selling them at local craft shows. In 1991 I started making handmade jewelry, which quickly turned into a full time business. I had sales reps along with selling at local craft show and professional art shows. This business evolved into another business of selling components to other jewelry designers and bead stores. This business grew into an international business and a full time staff.

I get what it takes to run a creative business, because I have been there, done it and I am still doing it. I have burned the midnight oil to meet deadlines. Woken up at the crack of dawn to get on the road to the craft show, in hopes of selling out of my product. Run a small crew of employees, dealt with supplier issues, handled customer service issues, kept the accounting on track, pack and shipped boxes and even fetched my own coffee. 🙂

My first website was built in the early 2001, back when sites where packed with graphics and no white space. The site was Victorian themed from head to toe. I have to laugh, when I think about it today. The other day I found product pictures which I used for that site, they had pretty gold foil border and a background to match the site graphics. 😂 Since then, I have run/built ecommerce sites on several major platforms, along with building and running WordPress sites for my tutorial blogs.

How I can help you

You may be saying,”I get it Lisa, you have experience, but so do other web designers. What makes you different?”

What makes me different than every other web designer is this: I understand you and your business because I am a creative entrepeneur also. The majority of web designers have never run their own ecommerce store, let alone a demanding creative business. They build you a general site, just as they do for every client, not understanding you, your customers or business. I have been where you are and I know what it takes to run an ecommerce website. You will have many questions: How do I print a shipping label? How do I print an invoice? How do I add product? How do I set-up payments? and the list will go on. Good news! I have experience doing this, which is what makes me different.

As an entrepreneur your time is valuable and let’s face it, it’s better spent on growing your business. You don’t have the time to research different website platforms, build the site, not to mention train yourself to use the administration side.  Let me handle building your website and you continue focusing on running your business.

Ready to Rock your Creative Business?

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